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Spring has sprung and we are busy arranging our dates for the second half of 2017.  What we can confirm at the moment is that our TREC Further day which is open to those that have attended our two day introductory course, will run on the 26th June in Glasgow. Our two day Glasgow course in May is now fully booked so we are looking to get another course scheduled for Glasgow – we will send out a newsletter with the date as soon as it is all confirmed. For those of you looking for an course in England we will be in Southampton on the 19th and 20th of June to run our 2 day introductory  course. A train from London takes just over an hour so if you are considering travelling out of London, then Southampton is a very accessible option.  All our course dates can be viewed on  the ‘Dates and Applications’ page.  You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get informed when more 2017 courses are released.

If you would like more information on the subject of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) the RCN published some guidance in December specifically for travel health services.  The publications can be found here.   TRAVAX  also have a resource page with information and links and there is an excellent article by Ann McDonald that been published in Practice Nurse Journal. To read the article click here.    

There have been several updates to TRAVAX over the last few weeks but one of the resources that we particularly like is the updated document ‘Travel Health Guidance For Schools’. This is the time of year when groups of school children start to get travel health advice in preparation for their foreign trips and the document is very useful for those planning the trip, parents and pupils. The Scottish Executive have also produced a useful document that is relevant for overseas school trips – ‘Going Out There’.  Neither of these documents replace the need for an individual travel health risk assessment but used in tandem, both these resources can assist those that are planning school trips abroad.


Clare and the team at TREC

About us

TREC was established by Sheila Hall in 2000 with support from Health Protection Scotland (HPS), and in 2016 the reins were passed to Clare Henderson who continues to develop this ever popular training organisation. We are pleased to maintain our collaboration with the TRAVAX team at HPS and look forward to taking TREC even further in the future!
The courses were developed in response to the interest in, and need for accessible travel-health care education and vaccine information. To date, over 3700 nurses and doctors have attended training events in venues throughout the UK. We have received very positive feedback from previous students and strive to maintain our reputation for providing friendly but informative education.

Travel Health Education – What do we provide?

We provide introductory courses and updates, designed to meet the needs of health professionals involved in the administration of vaccines and in the growing field of health advice for travellers. The courses are suitable for Doctors, nurses and pharmacists who are new to this area of health care, but also for those wishing to consolidate knowledge.

General Immunisation study days

We also offer general study days designed to refresh immunisation, vaccine and anaphylaxis knowledge, and renew annual CPR skills, in line with the National Minimum Standards for Immunisation Training Guidance. These days focus on national schedule vaccines (not childhood or travel immunisations) Our next date will be in March 2017.

Bespoke Training Day for Pharmacists

We are very aware of the increasing part that our pharmacy colleagues play in the provision of travel health care and advice, and they are most welcome to join us on any of our 2 Day Courses. TREC has also collaborated with a pharmacist who has specialised in this area of health care, and if there is sufficient interest, we plan to organise a bespoke training course for pharmacists.  Please see course information page for further details.

Find out more

If you browse through our web site you will find more information about our courses and training days and the people behind TREC. Please feel free to contact us if you would like any further details or information (see “contact us” page).

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