Travel Health Education – What do we provide?

TREC provides introductory courses and updates, designed to meet the needs of health professionals involved in the administration of vaccines and in the growing field of health advice for travellers. The courses are suitable for Doctors, nurses and pharmacists who are new to this area of health care, but also for those wishing to consolidate knowledge.

Our 2 day course,  ‘The Basic Requirements’ which is aimed at those that are new to travel medicine, has been benchmarked against and adheres to the course content recommended in the Faculty of Travel Medicine Good Practice Guidance for Providing a Travel Health Service.

General Immunisation study days

We also offer general study days designed to refresh immunisation, vaccine and anaphylaxis knowledge, and renew annual CPR skills, in line with the National Minimum Standards for Immunisation Training Guidance. These days focus on national schedule vaccines (not childhood or travel immunisations) Our next date will be in 2019.

Training Pharmacists

We are very aware of the increasing part that our pharmacy colleagues play in the provision of travel health care and advice, and they are most welcome to join us on any of our 2 Day Courses.

Bulletin Board

New Course Dates Released

Although international travel is still affected by the ongoing pandemic, there are those that continue to travel.  Many of the these travellers are at higher risk for a number of reasons and is a reminder that for those of us advising travellers, we should be all be providing a minimum and consistent standard of care.  The Faculty of Travel Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow have produced Good Practice Guidance for  Providing a Travel Health Service.  The guidance sets out  the standards of care every practitioner should achieve in their practice of travel medicine and is intended for all those providing or planning to provide travel health services, thereby improving standards of care to international travellers.

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