Course Dates News

Our next 2 day course in Edinburgh is on the 29th and 30th of August. We expect this course to sell out as several places are already booked so early booking is advised.   Our 2 day course is aimed at those new to travel health or wishing to consolidate their existing knowledge and is suitable for nurses, doctors and pharmacists.  The course is very much delivered in a practical, ‘teach you what you need to know’ way, by speakers that have many years experience working in travel clinics and teaching students.  There will be another 2 day course in Edinburgh later in the year and other locations will also hopefully be confirmed soon.

Our next TREC Further is on the 31st May.  The TREC Further day is for those of you that have attended one of our two day courses and attending the day is the ideal way to attend an annual travel update as recommended in the RCN Travel Health Competence Document. 

Our new immunisation foundation training will take place in September.  This course is designed for health professionals who are new to immunisations and prior to commencing administration of vaccines, should undertake immunisation training. The course would be ideal if, for example, you will be administering adult flu vaccines for the winter season 2019/2020. The focus of teaching will be UK vaccines for adults. Whilst the UK national immunisation schedule will be touched upon, this course is not suitable for those that are looking for a course covering immunisations within the childhood programme.

Our immunisation update for those of you that have already undertaken immunisation training and require an annual update in line with the National Minimum Standards,  will run on the 6th September in Glasgow.  If you only require an update in CPR and anaphylaxis then there is the option to attend a half day for refreshing these skills.  If you have alternative arrangements for an annual CPR training, there is the option where you can elect to come on a half day course which will provide an update on immunisations and the topics surrounding this. Please see our website or click on the above links for more information.

Not all travel courses are created equal and our TREC two day course very much takes a ‘common sense’ approach to seeing travellers and covers the essential topics that you need to carry out a travel consultation. It is worth mentioning that whilst our speakers have been involved in travel medicine education for many years, they continue to see and advise travellers within travel clinics and bring this practical, hands on approach to the course. Fifteen years after TREC started, we still believe this is a hugely important part of the course and is echoed in the feedback we get from those of you that have attended the course