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This study day has been developed in response to requests from health care professionals who are new to immunisations and  require general immunisation training.

The course is designed for health professionals who are new to immunisations and prior to commencing administration of vaccines, should undertake foundation training. The focus of teaching will be UK vaccines for adults. Whilst the UK national immunisation schedule will be touched upon, this course is not suitable for those that are looking for a course covering immunisations within the childhood programme.     The course will take place over a day and a half and will provide structured teaching sessions, discussion, and the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with other practitioners.  There will also be practical sessions on vaccine administration and CPR.  On day 2 the course will finish at 1230.

The content is based on training requirements as recommended within the National Minimum Standards for Immunisation Training Guidance. We will concentrate the information on UK adult vaccines e.g. Hep B, Flu, Varicella, Tetanus etc so anticipate that it will be of relevance to occupational health staff or any other health care professionals providing immunisation and vaccine advice to adults.  Please note that travel risk assessment is not covered on this course.  This is covered on our Travel Health Course.

Topics covered

  • The aims of immunisation, national vaccine policy and schedules
  • The immune response to vaccines and how vaccines work
  • Vaccine preventable diseases
  • The different types of vaccines, their composition and the indications and contraindications
  • Current issues in immunisation
  • Communicating with patients, parents and carers about vaccines
  • Legal issues in immunisation
  • Storage and handling of vaccines
  • Correct administration of vaccines
  • Anaphylaxis and adverse reactions (includes CPR)
  • Documentation, record keeping and reporting
  • Strategies for optimising immunisation uptake


Click on following link for PDF Course Document “New to immunisation course information

Please contact TREC directly if you would like to discuss any aspect of the study day.

Cost = £270

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