TREC Travel Health News & Updates

New Course Dates

As we creep towards some new normality, we have decided that we cannot return just yet, to face to face training in our usual lovely and hospitable venues.  Social distancing in venues restricts the numbers we can have attending and there is the ongoing uncertainty of localised lockdowns, travel restrictions and attendees (or presenters) having to isolate and be unable to attend.   Although it will never replace face to face, using Zoom means that we can still deliver the full course content, display the presentations and still be able to allow those attending, the opportunity to interrupt and ask questions. 

Although international travel looks likely to be affected for some time to come, there are individuals that are still required to travel.  These travellers through the nature of why and where they are travelling, may be at higher risk of travel related issues.  It is important that travel clinics continue to have health care practitioners that are aware of the risks travellers might face and can advise them accordingly. 

We have therefore released new dates for our 2 day course (for those of you that are new to travel health) and for our popular update day (for those of you that have already undertaken previous travel health training).  We are mindful that flu vaccine season (and it is looking like Covid-19 vaccine too) starts in September so we want to avoid courses when we know extra demands will be placed on health care workers.

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